Mexico Street by Simone Bucholz

Translation by Rachel Ward Thank goodness for Orenda Books. Without them I would have missed out on some amazingly original fiction in the past year and some quirky, unique characters. I’m always surprised and often fascinated with the stories I encounter and Mexico Street was no exception. This is a crime novel with ill-fated loversContinue reading “Mexico Street by Simone Bucholz”

Keeper by Jessica Moor

I was so excited to receive a preview copy of this literary thriller, which is a murder mystery, but is firmly focused on domestic abuse. This book’s exploration into forms of abuse is very timely, since it is only recently that coercive control and more psychological domestic abuse became a crime in its own right.Continue reading “Keeper by Jessica Moor”

This Lovely City by Louise Hare

This book grabbed me early and never let go. When a writer whisks you so convincingly to another time and place its such an incredible skill. I found myself in post-Windrush London where new people are making the capital their home and the huge social change is causing friction. As one mixed race character observesContinue reading “This Lovely City by Louise Hare”

The Lost Lights of St Kilda by Elisabeth Gifford

There are parts of this novel that read like poetry, and totally transport you to the sights and sounds of St Kilda. It took me back to a trip I made to the Farne Islands to visit the breeding puffins. I remembered the way these ungainly little birds wobble as they land, like little clownsContinue reading “The Lost Lights of St Kilda by Elisabeth Gifford”

A Fight in Silence by Melanie Metzenthin

The subject matter of this book is very close to my heart, so despite the WW2 novel market feeling a bit saturated at the moment, I decided to give it a try. I have a disability and have studied disability and literature to post-grad level so Hitler’s treatment of disabled people and eugenics in generalContinue reading “A Fight in Silence by Melanie Metzenthin”

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

This book surprised me, delighted me and broke my heart. It was not at all what I expected, but was all the more special for that. Cleverly, Serle wrong foots the reader into thinking this is a straight forward boy-girl romance, but it isn’t. It is about love though and our heroine Dannie is sometimesContinue reading “In Five Years by Rebecca Serle”

Coming Up For Air by Sarah Leipcigar

Coming Up For Air follows three people’s stories across three time zones linked by the theme of water. It starts by creating a narrative behind the resuscitation mannequin used across the world. ’Resuscitation Annie’ is based on the death mask cast from a woman found drowned in the Seine in the 1880s. She was neverContinue reading “Coming Up For Air by Sarah Leipcigar”