Life in Pieces by Dawn O’Porter

Over New Year I gave myself a short break from fiction because my concentration was poor and I couldn’t take in long, involved storytelling. This was due to a combination of events: I was affected by a mistake with my prescription medication; I was getting ready for Christmas with plans constantly changing; I had twoContinue reading “Life in Pieces by Dawn O’Porter”

Most Anticipated 2021! Unwell Women by Elinor Cleghorn.

Publisher : Weidenfeld & Nicolson (10 Jun. 2021) ASIN: B08HMN732X ( Kindle Edition) My interest in this book is twofold: first the cover made me stop and look because it reminded me of the art of Frida Kahlo, and secondly, I am an unwell woman. I have been diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis forContinue reading “Most Anticipated 2021! Unwell Women by Elinor Cleghorn.”

Madam by Phoebe Wynne

Publisher: Quercus (18 Feb. 2021) ISBN: 978-1529408720 Why is it always so hard to write a review when the book is so good? It’s as if I have to wrestle with it for ages, in the hope of doing it justice! All I can do is try and put across all of the reasons IContinue reading “Madam by Phoebe Wynne”

Christmas with The Conduit by Wes Markin.

A DCI Michael Yorke Thriller Publisher: Dark Heart Publishing 15th December 2020 ASIN: B086MK51JF I’ve never read Wes Markin before and what a way to start. This is book 6 in the DCI Michael Yorke series and what an introduction! This author is certainly not for the faint hearted and this isn’t a cosy ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas with The Conduit by Wes Markin.”

Scrap: Kwansabas by Van G. Garrett

This book is for those who communicate thunder, rain, sunlight, hope, and pain with their hands. When I was a baby my Dad used to help make ends meet by bare knuckle fighting at horse fairs. He would travel with local gypsies to fairs like Appleby and fight for them against other travellers. Then heContinue reading “Scrap: Kwansabas by Van G. Garrett”

Cover Reveal! The Curious Dispatch of Daniel Costello: Stonebridge Mysteries 1 by Chris McDonald.

Today I’m taking part in the Red Dog Press Cover Reveal for Chris McDonald’s book The Curious Dispatch of Daniel Costello. Wedding bells are chiming in the idyllic, coastal town of Stonebridge. For Sam and Emily, it should be the happiest day of their lives. But on the morning of the ceremony, the best manContinue reading “Cover Reveal! The Curious Dispatch of Daniel Costello: Stonebridge Mysteries 1 by Chris McDonald.”

Cover Reveal! The Red Admiral by Matthew Ross.

#TheRedAdmiralsSecret #CoverReveal @mattwross @RedDogTweets Publication: 3rd February 2021. Publisher: Red Dog Press. A Premier League bad-boy murdered at his newly refurbished home; a teenage runaway’s corpse uncovered on a construction site; a gunman shoots up the premises of the local gangland boss – all of them projects run by beleaguered builder Mark Poynter. Can heContinue reading “Cover Reveal! The Red Admiral by Matthew Ross.”

The Synonym Tables by Jennifer Roche.

Published: Jan 15th 2021 The Poetry Question The Synonym Tables invite the reader to examine language closely and investigate how it shifts over time. By extracting synonyms that are deemed “most relevant” by for common words used today and comparing them to synonyms for the same terms from a 1947 textbook via the scientificContinue reading “The Synonym Tables by Jennifer Roche.”

Banking on Murder by J.D.Whitelaw.

Publisher: Red Dog Press (29 Nov. 2020). ISBN: 978-1913331962 Well this book was a great surprise. I absolutely loved it. Three quirky sisters, a detective agency, a troublesome client and the backdrop of Glasgow just to finish it off. What’s not to love? I read it in two days, because it was just so muchContinue reading “Banking on Murder by J.D.Whitelaw.”

Three Seasons of Sadie by Richard Masefield

Publisher: Red Door Press Published: 24th Sept 2020 (Paperback) ISBN: 978-1913062019 I really enjoyed the warmth and humour of this lovely tale about a country boy, finding that the 1960s isn’t the oasis of free love and hedonism promised in the media. Sam Ashby is finding that youth culture isn’t quite reaching the depths ofContinue reading “Three Seasons of Sadie by Richard Masefield”