My Year of Saying No by Maxine Morrey

In this romantic novel we meet two people who seem to be so perfect for each other it must have been very difficult for the writer to manufacture enough obstacles to keep them apart. Lottie Wentworth is ringing in the New Year with a little more gusto than normal. This is because she is soContinue reading “My Year of Saying No by Maxine Morrey”

Daisy by J.P Henderson #DaisyBook #BlogTour #NoExit #RandomThingsTours

I was so happy, with the world seemingly going mad outside, to read this humorous and charming book with such a distinctive lead character. This is the first time that Herod ‘Rod’ Pinkney has fallen in love with someone he’s seen on television, apart from that passing crush on the late-night presenter of Sky News.Continue reading “Daisy by J.P Henderson #DaisyBook #BlogTour #NoExit #RandomThingsTours”

The River Home by Hannah Richell #Orion #TheRiverHome #NetGalley

‘It’s something she learned years ago -the hard way– and that she knows she will never forget: even the sweetest fruit will rot and fall into the earth, eventually. No matter how deep you bury the pain, the bones of it will rise up to haunt you ….like the echoes of a summer’s night, likeContinue reading “The River Home by Hannah Richell #Orion #TheRiverHome #NetGalley”

The Treatment by Michael Nath #The Treatment #QuercusBooks

This is a really unusual novel and probably one I wouldn’t have found in the course of my usual reading choices. I’m really glad I chose to give it a try. Written almost completely like a stream of consciousness, this is a novel that feels very relevant. The events feel entirely real, probably because theyContinue reading “The Treatment by Michael Nath #The Treatment #QuercusBooks”

The Long Call by Ann Cleeves #TheLongCall #MinotaurBooks

I’ve been a fan of Ann Cleeves’s Shetland series for many years now and the TV adaptation is a viewing must for me. I love the sense of place she creates, the history of the islands woven into the stories and of course Jimmy Perez, the tragic widower wedded to his work. I also loveContinue reading “The Long Call by Ann Cleeves #TheLongCall #MinotaurBooks”

The Silent Treatment by Abbie Greaves

This interesting novel grabbed me right from the start, as Maggie calmly swallows a handful of tablets, then gets up to make dinner for her husband. It takes till half way through prepping the green beans and she has collapsed suddenly, so suddenly there is no time to break her own fall. Frank is soContinue reading “The Silent Treatment by Abbie Greaves”

The Other Mrs by Mary Kubica

This was a thriller where I thought I’d guessed the outcome, but the author still managed to surprise me right at the end. Sadie and Will move to an island off the state of Maine with their two sons. The couple’s relationship is strained due to Will having an affair, so when Will’s sister AliceContinue reading “The Other Mrs by Mary Kubica”