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Most Anticipated Reads. Madam by Phoebe Wynne

New Trailer #StartTheFire

Published: 18th Feb 2021

ISBN: 1529408725

Publisher: Quercus

Today on the blog it’s my pleasure to share the trailer for one of my most anticipated reads of 2021.

Light a fire they can’t put out..

Caldonbrae Hall has sat on top of the Scottish cliffs for 150 years, as a beacon of excellence in the ancestral castle of Lord William Hope. This boarding school for girls promises pupils they will emerge ‘resilient and ready to serve society’.
Rose Christie, a 26-year-old Classics teacher, is the first new hire for the school in over a decade. Rose feels overwhelmed in the face of this elite establishment at first, but soon after her arrival she begins to realise that there may be more to fear than her own ineptitude.
Rose stumbles across the secret circumstances surrounding the abrupt departure of her predecessor – a woman whose ghost lingers over everything and who no one will discuss – she learns that there is far more to the school than she has been led to believe.
Rose begins to uncover the darkness at the heart of Caldonbrae; a battle that will threaten her sanity as well as her safety…

A brooding, mesmeric novel with a feminist kick…

This has certainly whet my appetite for next February, and the book can be pre-ordered at all the usual outlets.

Coming February 2021. #StartTheFire


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