The Second Marriage by Gill Paul.

#RandomThingsTours #TheSecondMarriage #BlogTour @gillpaulAUTHOR Published in UK: 24th August 2020 Publisher: Avon Books ASIN: B084WS53XZ Synopsis: From the internationally bestselling author of The Secret Wife comes a tale of love, sacrifice and betrayal, available now. Published in the US as Jackie and Maria. JACKIE | When her first marriage ends in tragedy, Jackie Kennedy fearsContinue reading “The Second Marriage by Gill Paul.”

Seven Doors by Agnes Ravatn.

#OrendaBooks. #RandomThingsTours #blogtour #SevenDoors While reading this book I had one of those odd reading experiences that only happens on Kindle or other e-reader. When I’m reading a proper physical copy of a book, I’m constantly aware of how much book is left. I’m literally holding it in my hand. I read this in oneContinue reading “Seven Doors by Agnes Ravatn.”

A Song of Isolation by Michael Malone.

#RandomThingsTours #OrendaBooks #ASongOfIsolation #blogtour I’m now at a point with Orenda books where I feel I could pick up any of their titles and be assured of a complex and intelligent read. Michael Malone is a completely new author to me, and this was controversial subject matter, but from the first few pages I feltContinue reading “A Song of Isolation by Michael Malone.”

Talland House by Maggie Humm.

#TallandHouse #RandomThingsTours In Virginia Woolf’s famous novel To The Lighthouse we visit the Ramsay family at Talland House in St Ives, Cornwall. I remember a particular dinner scene in the novel, often used as an example of how subjective the sense of self is, as we float between dinner guest’s perspectives of the dinner andContinue reading “Talland House by Maggie Humm.”

The Big Chill by Doug Johnstone. #OrendaBooks #RandomThingsTours #Blogtour #Bookblogger #TheBigChill

How have I come this far in my reading life without reading Doug Johnstone? The Skelfs are the family I didn’t even know I was missing, but now can’t imagine my reading life without. To prepare for reading the second novel in Johnstone’s Skelf series, I made the decision to read the first novel entitledContinue reading “The Big Chill by Doug Johnstone. #OrendaBooks #RandomThingsTours #Blogtour #Bookblogger #TheBigChill”

Final Cut by S.J.Watson

#RandomThingsTours #blogtour #TheLotusReaders This novel was definitely a ‘reading experience’ as I felt confused, then blind-sided with a revelation I wasn’t expecting. If the author wanted to express what a dissociative state felt like in the structure of the novel then he definitely succeeded with this reader. As I read, there were times where IContinue reading “Final Cut by S.J.Watson”

The Lost Love Song by Minnie Darke

#TheLostLoveSong #RandomThings Tours #blogtour Lost Love Song I’m writing this review just moments after finishing this beautifully romantic book, so I still have a lump in my throat and I’m torn between the desire to capture how I feel in words or go to Spotify and create the musical playlist the author has created forContinue reading “The Lost Love Song by Minnie Darke”

Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce.

#MissBensonsBeetle #RandomThingsTours #blogtour Rachel Joyce’s books are always full of charm, emotion and character growth. Often, while undertaking life altering feats of stamina and strength, her characters reveal themselves to the reader slowly like the peeling layers of an onion. This novel is no exception when it comes to a central character who has aContinue reading “Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce.”

The Cry of the Lake by Charlie Tyler.

#RandomThingsTours #blogtour #TheCryOfTheLake Firstly I was drawn in by the beautiful cover art on this novel. The red title contrasting sharply with the shades of grey background, and a human skull eerily visible against the flock wallpaper pattern. Even the blurb is fascinating and magical, as a young girl tries to capture a mermaid inContinue reading “The Cry of the Lake by Charlie Tyler.”

One Step Behind by Lauren North. #RandomThingsTours #OneStepBehind

I found myself sucked in very quickly by this narrator and her mysterious story. Jenna is an A and E doctor and appears to have a picture perfect life. She’s well regarded in her work, has a good marriage to builder Stuart, two lovely children and a beautiful Victorian house. They’ve recently adapted downstairs toContinue reading “One Step Behind by Lauren North. #RandomThingsTours #OneStepBehind”