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Welcome to the new home of my blog on books. This was my opportunity to have my internet presence combined in one space and make it look pretty. This is where I will post book news, reviews and musings on what reading means to me as someone who has to sit still a lot. I have several health problems and can only work a small amount. Reading has always been my favourite pastime. As soon as my school let me loose to read anything in the library – I chose Little Women – I’ve been reading and keeping a journal every day. This became even more important when I broke my back at the age of 11. Long periods laid still at that age was difficult but if I had Jane Eyre to devour it made things easier.
Later in life I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the damage to my back has caused neurological damage and widespread pain. This is sometimes really tough to deal with, but despite my limitations I feel incredibly lucky that I can spend long periods reading. More recently, I have started to review new books and old finds, plus I’ve been lucky enough to start hosting blog tours and meeting other wonderful bookworms. Please sign up below if you’d like to receive my ramblings direct to your inbox. Thank you

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